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I dont like coding still its boring and difficult

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i just lit a candle and i dont understand why people scente candles because they dont smell when theyre burning

why do we learn coding in sophomore year? i feel like it would be more useful to seniors or juniors becasue theyre older and
about to go to college and maybe end up stufying this anyway so why not teach it to them and have sophomores do photogrophy and videograpgy
its weird. im def going to be pulling an all nighter to finish this since im barley about to finish the first page and its 7:30 though i could just
copy and paste this page and change it a bit but i dont know if thats cheating or not. i thikn im dying a bit from writing so much
and just writing my thoughts, i didnt even realize i had so many thoughts to write. im watching a show about gambling right now and it super interesting
and makes me want to get a gambling addiction just minus the mass amounts of debt.

honestly im so tired right now i barley had any sleep and forgot about this project over the weekend
cus i was working because we're going on lock down again so i need to like get this all done
tonight which im not excited for at all. its been multpile hours since
i last wrote on this page and im even more tired and i got back from therapy with my mom and she said i have the
mentality of a 4 year old which makes sense but kinda stings a bit which sucked.
i dont want to go to soccer today, im scared about the virus again and on top of that my coach gives me
like mad anxiety and makes me super stressed about how im playing so then i end up playing worse and making
more mistakes and then the by product of that is that he yells at me more and more which is just awul for my mental
(which is already not the best) and i cant quit because he has offered us great oprotunities and i cant really pass that up. plus because the club is so
small we are able to get more individual corrections and training

this is the link for the outsource this is another outlink source

my day after school